What is D.E.A.F. Inc.?

The Deaf Equal Access Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization designed to give back to the Deaf community.

Donations made to this organization will be used to provide sign language interpreting services at no charge for the deaf community in a variety of settings such as family reunions, family meetings, banquets....etc.


Online Donation

You can make a online donation to DEAF, Inc. using PayPal. To do so, click the button below.

Request Interpreter

The process for applying for services:

1) Fill out the complete application below

2) The board will review the application

3) We will contact you within 2 weeks

* You must fill out all the information on the application for it to be accepted. *




    Choose One:VRSVoice

    FuneralFamily EventPersonalParty

    Choose One:AMPM



    Could you afford to make a donation to D.E.A.F. Inc. to help pay for interpreter services?
    up to $25$26-$50$51-$100$101-$200$200 or more
    No, not at this time
    Are you willing to give back by tutoring an interpreter student?YesNo

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